Leadership – Be High Performing

Professional service firm leaders live in high stress positions. Leadership skills must evolve to meet new demands. This is especially true as the calls to be high performing evolve. The world in which we work constantly changes. To put it another way, organizations are challenged with conditions that change at breakneck speed. To succeed in…

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Profit – Maximize Your Profitability

video screengrab of Sue talking

Building a better business creates positive cash flow and profit. Today’s business owner needs to thrive in a global economy. That is, drive change to increase profitability. For example, processes either add value or create waste to the production of a product or service. Removing waste will effectively increase profit. Studies show as much as…

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Change Success Is Business Improvement

Sue smiling next to a whiteboard with change success formula

Change is unavoidable for a business to grow, to respond to customer needs and address the evolving competitive landscape. Research tells us that the probability of change success in whatever project or initiative you undertake is as low as 30%. As a result, there is a 70% probability you will fail.  With only a 30%…

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A Strategic Plan is a Roadmap – It is a Direction

Video screenshot of Sue talking - text reads "How will you get there?"

How often do you plan a road trip without the help of a roadmap? Of course today many of us use an app. Today’s environment of constant change, volatility and competitive pressures. This demands a robust and ever-evolving strategic plan focused on delivering successful outcomes. Most importantly, the plan needs to be flexible. This is…

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Core Values Are Your Guiding Principles

Video screenshot of Sue talking with text "Values and purpose"

As a business leader, you are responsible for the culture you create. Two primary drivers are purpose and core values. Purpose excites people, attracts them to a common goal. Core values bring people together, inspire a sense of belonging. So as you hire people, be sure they follow the core values of the business. Above…

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