Executive Leadership Coaching

Are you interested in achieving a specific desired outcome? I take a flexible approach, recognizing that while I am helping you achieve your desired outcome, at times we will need to take course corrections to address burning issues and opportunities that arise in your life. I don't take a one-size-fits-all approach to the work we do together. By using a mobile app to build critical thinking skills and mental fitness, sustained change is at your fingertips. Executive leadership coaching includes:


Build Critical Thinking Skills

To apply technical and soft skills, you must be a strong critical thinker. Working together, we will create an actionable plan and go-to problem solving approach to address 80% of issues and opportunities, which can be used even when  there is no warning or time to prepare. You will be able to shift from a trial-and-error approach that typically has a 30% success rate to a structured problem-solving approach. By simply understanding and addressing challenges from a readiness, capability and belief perspective, you will improve your rate of success to 80%. In addition to supporting you as an executive leadership coach, I will also introduce you to a critical thinking skills framework that you can adapt and apply to suit your needs.


Build Mental Fitness

While many of us focus on remaining physically fit, few spend much time thinking about the importance of mental fitness. Working together, I will show you how to recognize and remove hot stove moments that arise from leading with negative emotions that create disappointment, anger, regret, guilt, shame, anxiety, and mind chatter. You will develop your mental muscle and learn how to quickly switch to a positive mindset so you can see circumstances and outcomes as gifts and opportunities, rather than obstacles. We will uncover – and leverage – your personal leadership brand, and I will be there to support you, serving as your executive leadership coach, sounding board, and accountability partner.

Most people who work with us relate to this statement: “I want my life back.” Too many people spend time in a  “I will be happy when” loop. While you might achieve that “when” in short order, it is quickly replaced with another “I will be happy when” statement. In this loop, your level of happiness is awkwardly and inextricaly tied to your "when" moments in time. We are told repeatedly that the grand price in our professional lives is success. I will show you that you can be both successful and happy, which happens when you embrace your true potential.

Case Studies: Benefits Sue's Clients Receive

Sue worked with the CEO of an Atlanta CPA firm to put together a 3-year strategic growth plan. To ensure it was achievable, we developed one-year goals and 90-day action plans. We also worked with the staff to help resolve key issues. Semi-monthly coaching with the CEO helped the firm stay on track and provided meaningful ad-hoc problem-solving opportunities. The result: the firm has achieved 20% growth annually.

A production manager in a large-scale bakery was promoted to a larger role and did not have prior leadership and management experience. Our Change Readiness and Leadership diagnostics provided insight into what she needed to succeed in this new role. Semi-monthly coaching sessions were used to understand expectations and how the new role linked to the company’s strategic plan. Together, we created a 90-day plan that was updated consistently and for which we held her accountable.

An owner of a 20+ year old granite company needed his team to be more cohesive. The company had an excellent reputation and business was good. Yet his team did not get along well which impacted daily working relationships. We helped the owner articulate the purpose of the company and a vision that was communicated to each employee. Following that, we worked with all the employees to develop core values for employees to use as guiding principles for how to treat each other, their clients, referral partners, and vendors.

A COO in the power generation industry needed to create and capture growth opportunities outside of those generated by natural disasters. Sales had declined, and the company was having difficulty attracting and retaining people. We helped build and empower the team by asking them to identify and solve the challenges facing the company. Using the data from this roundtable, we helped create a one-year strategic plan that broadened their reach and opened new distribution channels. We also started monthly coaching programs for the COO and individual niche leaders. The COO realized the value of asking for help with company issues and team members felt more involved and appreciated by taking on this role.



I am so glad Sue is on my team, helping me build a better business for me, my colleagues, and my clients. I rely on her for high-level strategic concerns, as well as getting down in the weeds to work through specific business problems.

Alicyn McLeod, CPA, CFP – Tax Advisor - Atlanta.Tax


Sue was an invaluable part of the team in helping our client find the right vision and strategy. Her thoughtful approach brought insight into our client’s needs and ultimately helped us provide a higher level of strategic advisory service. She recognized barriers to the client’s success and worked to bring us and our client together to develop the way forward. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sue and would not hesitate to work with her again.

Mike McGraw, Managing Director - Founders Investment Banking