Revolutionize Your Business

It’s no secret that building a people pipeline is difficult. Is it harder today, or have people changed?

  • Are we more cash-flush?
  • Have we returned to the days of the ‘one wage earner’ per family?
  • Has inflation been wiped out so our purchase power is maximized?
  • Do we treat our people at least as well as we treat ourselves?
  • Are our work expectations too high?

Based on my decades of experience, not much has changed.

  • People are the engine that generates cash, profit, and growth
  • Leaders and managers must work together rather than have power struggles
  • There will always be slackers and power producers; what matters is you
  • Technology has always existed in business
  • People should be challenged, developed, rewarded, and respected

Whether you are a business owner, a business leader, or a manager, there is one proactive step you can take today to build your people pipeline: Identify your successor.

The lessons you learn from doing so will revolutionize your business. Your thinking will change, ideas will flow rapidly, and new life will be breathed into you.