Getting ready for 2022

Now that you have made it through the summer, what is next for your business? 2022 is on the horizon, and the way many people work is forever changed. How will you navigate the road forward?

Where were you when you first heard about the pandemic? Some of you may have been like me, in disbelief that such an event could occur in my lifetime. Why I thought a repeat of 1918 was impossible, beats me.

By March of 2020, I was helping my clients grasp the unknown, which was hard to do when I was trying to make the necessary adjustments myself. We immediately had to analyze how each of these businesses would be impacted. Were they in industries that could withstand the domino effect of a shutdown? When it came down to it, there were 3 strategies all businesses had to consider: survival, pivot-adapt and thrive.

Now as I look to 2022, while I am tired and fatigued, I know to keep my eyes on the road, remain agile and adapt quickly to whatever comes around the corner. There is a glimmer of light as I look into the future.

While the pandemic isn’t yet over, now is a good time to reflect on:

  • What changed in your business, for you and your team? What worked? What did not? In what way can you incorporate the new findings into your plans for 2022?
  • Where do you want to go in the future – stay on the same path or alter your course?
  • What are you strategies for next year and who will be on your team?
  • Having endured the pandemic to this point, do you value being change ready for the year ahead?

In the months ahead, we believe the emphasis needs to be in a combination of these 4 areas:

  • People
  • Growth
  • Capacity
  • Implementation

Mindshop compiled Navigating the Road Forward which you can download here. While the road ahead is still not 100% clear the strategies suggested will help light the way.

Let’s talk further. I am ready to help you get to a place where you feel more confident and stronger as you enter 2022. I have a proven track record of creating accountability and improving profitability for my clients. Check out my LinkedIn profile and if you would like to discuss further, text me at 404-668-5403.