Crafting Business and Life Plans: A Seamless Strategy for the Future

Do you often wonder how many business plans you have? Most professionals have at least one, primarily focused on their work. Have you ever considered the bigger picture—your life plan?

Crafting Your Path Forward

Let’s draw inspiration from Mary Oliver, who tells us to pay attention to the details, find pleasure in the little things, and remember that we get just one precious life, which means we should all plan our lives well.

I find peace in using tools like Google Maps while driving. Much like a GPS, having a concrete business and life plan keeps me on track. As I rely on Maps to guide me, my 90-day business plans provide clarity and direction. This strategic approach revolves around 3 pivotal questions:

  1. Where am I NOW?
  2. WHERE am I headed?
  3. HOW do I intend to get there?

Pro tip: tackle these questions sequentially—it’s transformative. Diving from where am I now straight to how will I get there is a common pitfall, leading many into the endless cycle of firefighting.

The Art of Planning

Rather than viewing planning as a rigid science, embrace its artistic nature. Though crafting elaborate plans with intricate Excel sheets is tempting, simplicity often yields the best results.

Here’s my straightforward method:

  1. Define your NOW and WHERE. Clarity is crucial; what is significant about your present role, and what is your envisioned future?
  2. Innovate with 2-3 strategies to achieve your goals. Foster creativity, break the mold, and avoid being bogged down by constraints.
  3. Break down your strategies into actionable steps. Assign tasks, set deadlines, and watch your plans come to life.
  4. Regularly review your progress. Stay proactive and adjust as needed.
  5. Adapt your plans as needed. In an ever-changing world, flexibility is the key.

Remember, the joy lies in the journey. The more you immerse yourself in planning, the more adept you become.

Once your business plan is robust and dynamic, turn your sights to your life plan. The results can be transformative, pushing your horizons beyond what you ever thought possible.