CPAFMA Core Visions and Purposes Workshop

I recently led a workshop for practice administrators and managers in the CPA industry. The content, however, is applicable to business leaders in any industry who want to influence the direction of their companies and help build sustainable organizations.

While many organizations already have a published set of core values and/or a stated core purpose, you must remember that the individuals within that group have their own core values and personal, and often different, interpretations. As a manager, understanding your own core values, and those of the people you manage, is critical to creating a productive and enthusiastic culture. Core values are the filter through which key decisions are made. Stating a company’s core purpose allows people to understand “why” the company exists. Much has been published on this topic but it boils down to your answer to the key question of “Why is what we do important?”. Understanding “why your company exists” and “why your area within the company exists” is mission critical to knowing how you fit into the overall company. Ideally, the practice leader’s core values and the “why their area exists” should link to the core values and purpose of the organization.

Aligning people to core values and purpose opens the door to cementing their commitment to the vision of the company. Once you’ve created a unique culture, you can focus on achieving your company’s vision.

Download Core Visions and Purpose