Business Skills Transfer

Implement business skills transfer through a Growth Hub leadership development program designed for you. Often, leaders are too busy for traditional learning and coaching support. In that case, leaders need to pivot and adapt to build new capabilities. They need experienced support to drive the success of the business, grow as leaders and adapt to rapidly evolving market demands. Busy leaders need less theory, more practical tools and best practice insights from peers to drive change.

PDSI, a client, focuses on developing the business skills needed for its next generation of leaders, They provide a Growth Hub leadership development program. Each quarter, a different topic is covered based on the company’s needs. For example, developing a cohesive approach to problem-solving and strategy implementation. Also, coaching skills, change success, and building resilience. Participants learn by doing and through virtual coaching, which leads to long term business skills transfer.

Our leadership development programs offer successful blended learning solutions that are a balance of three elements: First, we facilitate virtual workshops on a quarterly basis. Second, we provide monthly virtual coaching with online capture and track technology with tailored learning paths. Third, an intellectual property platform for each participant with online 24/7 access with the depth of resources to solve any problem.

The ROI is that teams work on their individual plans, partner with other members on improvement projects during the year. By doing so, it allows members to practice learned business skills together. Notably, PDSI involves the Growth Hub leaders in its strategic planning process. These leaders respond with agile and rapid implementation to support problem solving of day-to-day challenges. As a result, the business skills transfer is a continuous process. In summary, the Growth Hub leaders help drive success as they gain mastery of key skills and capabilities.

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