Change Your Beliefs to Change Your Behavior

change beliefs to change behaviorEver faced a really difficult task? One of my goals this year is to get better at capitalizing on, and leveraging, technology. Seriously, if not now, when? Most of us are still in a pandemic fog with more hours at our disposal than in the past, so I want to use them productively.

Here’s the thing, understanding technology does not come easy to me. Peers make using ‘it’ appear so simple. I refuse to accept that “it’s in the DNA of younger people.” Youth is in the mind of the owner. Yes, there are plenty of people lining up on the sidelines to help me with virtual assistants who can perform these services. The issue is I want to understand what I do not know. My guess is many of us feel the same way. I am not ready to give up, and I do recognize at this very moment I have more technology in my office than the first moonshot. That’s great, but its meaningless too if I am unable to capitalize and leverage it for my business.

Technologically, we are introduced to something new daily. It shows up front and center, not to be ignored. The issue is how to use it effectively?

For some people, learning and implementing new technology comes easily. Though, when I ask most people about how they learn and use the latest technology, there is generally a long pause followed by an audible sigh. It’s just too much and many others worry about losing relevancy and being passed by.

Knowing “how” to capitalize and leverage technology is the barrier. My beliefs about technology are irrational and self-sabotaging. It’s easy to say, “I can’t do this” and then everything spirals out of control. My beliefs drive my behavior and the resulting consequences. The outcome will be the same until I change my beliefs. I am working on it by:

Identifying the issue/barrier and then working in reverse:
1. To change your results…
2. Change your behavior…
3. By first changing your beliefs

Change your beliefs, change your behavior, and get the results you want!

This process can also be valuable when evaluating the performance of your team members. By first understanding their beliefs, you can help them change them and turn a struggling performer into a star player!