Accountable For Change coaching is different because we provide a unique blend of in person advisory support, just-in-time online advisory support, virtual coaching through your computer using video conferencing, access to a wealth of online training / tools and insightful peer networking to provide the perfect environment for success. The work we do together addresses your direct learning and development activities, so you see concrete results and have an opportunity to put new skills into action immediately. Through our alliance with Mindshop, our clients gain a unique competitive advantage using their learning and development platform. We support you throughout the training process, guide you in applying what you've learned, and — perhaps most importantly — hold you accountable for sticking with it.

Seven reasons to access coaching solutions:

  • Improve probability of change success
  • Just in time learning and support
  • Capture unlimited strategies and actions online
  • Develop a cohesive approach to problem solving and strategy development in your business
  • Access a network of peers online to share ideas
  • Access the experience of a senior advisor 24/7
  • Intellectual property platform powered by Mindshop, our Business Advisory Partner