What’s Working Not Working

What’s Working Not Working? Starting the year off with lots of enthusiasm and energy is like “resolution” mania. Lots of good intentions and activities crowd our minds. But how do they relate to where you and your business were headed last year?

Have you taken time to reflect on where you were headed? What went well and what did not go so well? This is the point where being real with yourself is critical. Think back even further, 3 to 5 years back. What are some things you did that could be repeated now with improved results? Are there things you are continuing to do that really do not work for you, yet are comfortable?

Now is the Time for Reflection

Make a commitment today to reflect on the past before you plan for the future. For example, the year was 2006 and it was only a matter of time before the firm for which I was Chief Operating Officer would merge with another firm. Like many of our friends in the market, the best and most successful regional and national firms had courted us. So many of my peers on a national level were losing their positions through mergers of this type. There was shock and disbelief throughout our industry! I was preparing myself for a change by 2013. That was my vision. So I went to work on me, thinking about what needed to change within my skill set. Would I want to do the same things I had always done or take a leap?

How about you … are you and your business where you wanted to be? What changes will your vision require? Take time now to work out the key elements and success factors of your business and the influence you have to get to where you want to be. Areas to consider are: Leadership, Strategy, People, Profit, Processes, Implementation, Sales, Marketing, Innovation and Technology.