The Changing Leadership Landscape

The changing leadership landscape means again leaders face a challenging business environment in 2019. Moreover, opportunities abound for leaders who can effectively manage the changes required and deliver strategies for sustainable success.

The dilemma leaders face is with the pace of change, unpredictable economic climate and disruptive technologies. These combined factors continue to impact negatively on business confidence. As such, so many leaders are saying ‘slow down the rate of change’. So how do we build in resilience? Insight 3 in this report states business confidence has declined for leaders in this year’s survey.

To guide business leaders through the changing leadership landscape, business coaching is on the rise. While many prefer face-to-face coaching, virtual coaching is viewed as the next top tier skill required for leaders. Many technologies are available including Skype or Zoom. For the business leader, they are able to provide coaching to their team members when and where they need it. Conversely, for the business leader, they too can receive virtual coaching as well.

Leaders will need to build a stable footing to grow or consolidate their business. Additionally, embracing the right technology, training their team in the right skills, learning practical approaches for their own leadership and building resilience to have a growth mindset. This changing leadership landscape suggests we cannot be good at all things, all the time.

Each of the insights in this report all require some form of successful personal change for each leader. Before you begin a new initiative, test it by applying one of our change success diagnostics. Spend a few minutes learning about change success through one of our workshops or training courses.

This report reflects insights we obtained through a survey of over 100 business leaders from around the world in late 2018.

Download the report here.