Mind the Performance Gap

To mind the performance gap means to build the habits that successful leaders display over and above just capability. Continuous improvement is critical when it comes to building business capabilities. While the capabilities a leader needs to learn or refine are similar each year, leaders need to commit to lifelong learning to master their skills in order to keep up with ever evolving client needs and market changes.

However, investing time building capabilities alone is not enough to guarantee success. What are the ‘habits’ that successful leaders display over and above just ‘capability’ to translate them into success?

One of the key insights from our survey identifies the top 3 skills and capabilities for business leaders. They are coaching and developing people, leadership skills and management/operations skills. Also, an ‘ah ha’ insight states only great systems and teams allow you to delegate effectively to free up time.

Building new capabilities provides you a ticket to the game and to mind the performance gap. This is not a guarantee of success. That is, discover in this report the business capabilities and high performance habits that will help bridge the gap to success in 2018.

The report distinguishes between ten business leader capabilities and ten high performance habits. For example, coaching and developing people is the top skill needed by business leaders in 2018. In terms of habits, tenacity is a key trait of high performers.

This year’s report includes a gap analysis so that you can rate yourself for each capability and performance habit. Identify your performance gap!

How do they plug the performance gap? Mindshop surveyed over 160 business leaders and advisors in 9 countries providing valuable data and insights to highlight 10 capabilities and 10 high performance habits needed for business success in 2018.

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