Do You Need a Reset?

Reset Computer Keyboard Key Button Restart Again 3d IllustrationEver feel overwhelmed with the daily chaos? When was the last time you reset?

Resets are good practice for visualizing tomorrow – what is out of focus becomes seen.

Why visualize tomorrow? Wrestling with the negative forces around you takes enormous energy and time. By taking the time to align for tomorrow with intentions you create a positive mindset and keep youself grounded.

Here’s a simple way to reset:

  1. Each evening after dinner
  2. Find a comfortable, quiet place to relax and take a few deep breaths
  3. Then, using a pen and paper
  4. Write tomorrow’s date at the top of the 1st page
  5. In a few sentences, write about tomorrow as you envision it
  6. Do this daily to set your intentions for the next day

At the height of my career, I began this process. I learned it from Dr. Joyce Rennolds, whose tagline is Motivator of One or a Thousand. I had pure joy because this simple tip reduced my stress, helped me focus on what was important, strengthened my relationships, and, in general, made me a better person.

For example, as a middle manager, I worked excessively long hours. I was unable to see the forest for the trees. Often, I sabotaged my intentions because I could not think clearly. Using this process, I realized that I had time for personal care; setting tomorrow’s intentions is an example. It began a new journey, a gift that reassures me I am on the path for me.