Building Better Business Leaders

Identify where you are now, where you want to go, and how you can get there

Are You Reaching Your True Potential?

Accountable For Change helps business leaders diagnose issues, define priorities, determine the step changes that need to occur, and deliver results that quiet the noise, help you regain focus, and fulfill your true potential.

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Meet Sue Groszkiewicz

Performance Coach and Strategic Problem Solver

Sue Groszkiewicz serves as the catalyst for the change that drives her clients to higher levels of success. Through facilitation, coaching and training focused on strategy, management, leadership and problem solving, Sue shows her clients how to create lasting change so they can achieve their career goals.

Benefits of Working with Accountable For Change

  • Serves as Accountability Partner

  • Provides Professional & Honest Input 

  • Takes a No-nonsense Approach

  • Powered by Mindshop

  • Tailors Solutions for Your Needs

  • Creates Customized Approach to Change

Find Out Where You Are Now With These Diagnostics

Performance Enhancement Diagnostic

Identify your top 3 strengths & weaknesses.

Growth & Profit Solutions (GPS) Diagnostic

Identify your top 3 areas for improvement.

Team Attraction & Retention Diagnostic

Identify how to attract and retain the best people.