Innovation Process is a Bridge

Holographic images of 2 people displayed above a laptop screen

Ready, set and go!  Creating a collaborative work environment using technology in a multi-office environment first starts with asking “what’s possible”. Next use an innovative process to work out the details.  An innovation process is a bridge between continuous improvement and breakthrough leaps. It uses simple steps to make it easy for your team to…

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Business Skills Transfer

Student looks at teacher through screen in an online lecture

Implement business skills transfer through a Growth Hub leadership development program designed for you. Often, leaders are too busy for traditional learning and coaching support. In that case, leaders need to pivot and adapt to build new capabilities. They need experienced support to drive the success of the business, grow as leaders and adapt to…

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Managing Time and Productivity

A hand holding an old-fashioned clock extends from a laptop toward a businessman

Daily leaders must address the delicate balance of managing time and productivity. For instance, this is a great article Management Time: Who’s Got the Monkey originally published in the Harvard Business Review in its November-December 1974 issue and reissued as a Classic in the November-December 1999 issue. The authors are William Oncken, Jr. and Donald…

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Making good decisions to reduce risk

Man standing in front of transparent charts and graphs and examining the figures

Making good decisions is a business skill that many people take for granted. My library is filled with books on proper questioning techniques. Some of my go to books includes: “Leading with Questions” by Michael Marquardt; “A More Beautiful Question” by Warren Berger;

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Business Improvement Strategies

Cross-section of iceberg with a view underwater

Most business leaders I know are plugged in 24/7, continually searching for business improvement strategies to create a winning organization.  It’s true such organizations are rare, yet you know them when you see them.  They have the right structure, the right beliefs and waste is under control. It’s almost as if the stars aligned!  The…

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Roadmap for Growth – A 50,000 Foot Overview

Overlapping and intersecting view of highways from above

  Developing a roadmap for growth is essential for you personally and for your business. We recommend you start with a simple roadmap. “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.” – Lewis Carroll We’ve talked about vision and reflecting on the past to help you build a roadmap…

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What’s Working Not Working

What’s Working Not Working? Starting the year off with lots of enthusiasm and energy is like “resolution” mania. Lots of good intentions and activities crowd our minds. But how do they relate to where you and your business were headed last year? Have you taken time to reflect on where you were headed? What went…

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