Effective time management is a key success factor in business. Ongoing support as you implement new business strategies adds efficiency, thereby empowering business leaders to focus on their most important activities. Our implementation support focuses on continuous development that energizes people, sparks curiosity and leads to breakthrough leaps.

To lead others and drive successful change, you must be able to deliver process improvements and reach targeted business goals. Personal development is the key to achieving these outcomes, whether you’re leading a small start-up business or a large multi-million-dollar enterprise.

Growth Hubs

  • Quarterly ½ day practical workshops and ongoing coaching
  • Peer group collaboration — learn what’s working and what’s not working from like-minded business people
  • Workshops delivered by experienced facilitators
  • Practical tools and methodologies to embed in your business
  • Be exposed to the latest trends in high performing businesses
  • Shape your strategies and plans for the year ahead

Academy Leader Groups

  • Custom program built for internal participants to address learning and development objectives
  • Tailored to address real skill gaps and achieve performance outcomes
  • Participants learn just-in-time when and where they want, using a combination of online learning, online virtual coaching, webinars and face to face workshops
  • Implementation of a common methodology delivering a cohesive approach to problem solving, strategy development and access to a myriad of tools, templates and online courses

Annual Support Program

  • Tailored program for your business to help you achieve your growth and profit objectives and key results
  • Includes initial business review, strategic planning workshop, periodic client workshops, online virtual coaching, online training, ad hoc meetings, academy leader group selected as needed
  • Online courses and workshops

Online Training

  • Just-in-time learning when and where needed, no expiration dates
  • Stimulating combination of online courses, videos and hands-on activities, self-assessment exam
  • Online courses


  • Blend of in person advisory support, video conferencing and online support
  • Embed Mindshop Online into day to day learning practices to achieve individual accountability and improved probability of strategy success
  • Includes online training
  • Online system captures strategies and actions and keeps you on track — all in one place, accessible from your PC or mobile phone
  • Leverage 145+ tools and resources
  • Access a network of peers online to encourage sharing of ideas, best practice and promote collaboration