Accountable For Change Diagnostics



I have had the privilege to know Sue Groszkiewicz for quite a while and have always known her to be the kind of friend and strategic partner that can always be counted on when needed.

First let me say her loyalty is bar none. We first met when I called on her to try and sell my printing services to the accounting firm she helped manage. She politely declined and mentioned she was using a client of the firm and was very happy with them and then she very politely wished me luck on my next sales call.

Later as the years progressed we continued to see each other at many C-level events and we did become friends and strategic partners. Sue was always there if I had any financial, business and or management questions for myself or one of my clients. Always providing sound advice and to the point.

Sue has helped with the Golf Tournament I co-chair, in various ways over the years and has sponsored and played in the event as well. We have served together on various committees and networks in the past and Sue has always proven to be accountable, friendly, empathetic and always demonstrates the knowledge, positive attitude and leadership that produces quality results.

Mark McKenzie, Owner, Docqmax Digital Printing


“Great experience”. “Your delivery of the material and way you instructed were great”. “I have had fun so far and learnt many things”. “I thank you for being such an inspiring facilitator.” These are some of the comments we received from people who take our Leadership Training for Managers course as taught by Sue. She creates a unique learning environment ensuring proper delivery of our material balanced with real life experiences – starting with those of the participants and blending in her own experiences. She is driven by a strong desire for participants to get a high ROI and to significantly improve their organizations as a result of the LTM training. We think that is exceptional client service by Sue.

Ercell Charles, V/P Training, Dale Carnegie Corp New York