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2018 Business Leader Report

Continuous improvement is critical when it comes to building business capabilities. While the capabilities a leader needs to learn or refine are similar each year, leaders need to commit to lifelong learning to master their skills in order to keep up with ever evolving client needs and market changes. However, investing time building capabilities alone…

Power of technology

Power of technology and leveraging resources – is your innovation process effective?

Ready, set and go!  Creating a collaborative work environment using technology in a multi-office environment first starts with asking “what’s possible” and then using an innovative process to work out the details.  Do you have an innovation process?  Is it effective?  While preparing for an Academy facilitation with Project Development Services, we asked “what’s possible”…

ATLVoyager blog

Sue Groszkiewicz featured in ATL Voyager

Recently a very dear and smart friend, Dr. Chris Mason (Chairman of Mindshop), introduced me to the book, “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success,” by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D. The book is about fixed and growth mindsets and gives examples of each through stories about people with which you would immediately connect and recognize. Some…

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PDSI Academy

PDSI is focused on developing the business skills of its next generation of leaders and is comprised of both client-facing and infrastructure leaders. Each quarter, a different topic is covered based on the company’s needs. Examples include developing a cohesive approach to problem-solving and strategy implementation, coaching skills, change success, and planning. Participants learn by…


CPAFMA Core Visions and Purposes Workshop

I recently led a workshop for practice administrators and managers in the CPA industry. The content, however, is applicable to business leaders in any industry who want to influence the direction of their companies and help build sustainable organizations. While many organizations already have a published set of core values and/or a stated core purpose,…

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Growth and Profit Solutions (GPS) Business Diagnostic

Use this Growth & Profit Solutions Business Diagnostic to pinpoint key issues or opportunities in your business. To receive your results, enter your details and answer 25 simple questions about your business using a -5 to +5 rating scale. Click “send my results” and you will receive a report via email that provides clarity and…

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Slowly growing or slowly closing?

Earlier this past January, CPA firm managing partners got together in San Diego to focus on growth trends in the industry.  This group has been together a long time as members of a top CPA firm industry association – The Leading Edge Alliance.  These members recognize their clients’ needs are constantly changing, so it’s only…


Rolling the dice or being strategic?

The Atlanta Chapter of CPA FMA got together in May to learn new skills to manage change.  Firm administrators are constantly challenged with overseeing multiple projects and initiatives.  Sometimes the initiatives they thought had been resolved reappear, signaling more analysis and discussion is necessary.  As Sue shared while conducting this workshop, many times an initiative…


2017 Business Leader Report

The purpose of the annual study conducted by Mindshop of its global community of leaders and advisors is to gather feedback on these emerging business trends, training needs, industry opportunities and challenges for the years ahead. In December 2016 responses were gathered from 120 experienced business leaders and advisors which provided varied, informed perspectives on…