Melody Demasi

Attorney - Dennis, Corry, Smith & Dixon, LLP

I cannot speak highly enough of Sue and this program. I use the communication and organizational skills I learned through her business coaching every day, and I have found purpose and value in my work beyond completing daily task lists. I highly recommend her and her program for anyone looking to grow their business and confidence, and anyone who could use a little more balance in their lives.

Michael Mole

General Manager - Integrity Auto Repair

If you’re on the fence about taking the Leadership Training for Managers course, allow me to push you off. I drove 4 hours, one way, to attend the course. I did this for 7 weeks. At the end of the 7 weeks, I can say that the value I’ve received was worth far more than the money OR the time invested. Sue is a fantastic instructor, who exemplified the content in extremely helpful ways. And the content itself is timeless and applicable to any industry, for-profit or not-for-profit. I highly recommend the training, and will be sending future store managers in my company through it.

Emily Ellison

CEO-retired - YWCA

Always I have been a proponent of enlisting outside counsel when the expertise needed is not especially an internal staff strength. However, I was never as pleased with the process and results as I was working with Sue Groszkiewicz and her colleagues at Warren Averett. She provided the tools that enabled our team to pivot our thinking, reevaluate goals, strengthen strategies, and come up with a WORKABLE, DOABLE plan. Jargon-free and straightforward, the work with Sue quickly put us on paths for success individually and collectively. Often even the most invigorating work with a consultant goes on a shelf after the project is finished; with Sue, the lessons learned were invaluable and long-lasting. I use them daily still.

Rusty Wilkerson

CFO - Mid-America Engine

Sue helped me develop a 90-day fast track plan to improve our cash flow. As Chief Strategy Officer, I am always looking for ways to improve our team. We set up project teams to execute the plan and Sue provided the accountability. Our people grew in their confidence and that translated into cross department momentum. The ideas came forth and together the project teams made a difference.