Rolling the dice or being strategic?

The Atlanta Chapter of CPA FMA got together in May to learn new skills to manage change.  Firm administrators are constantly challenged with overseeing multiple projects and initiatives.  Sometimes the initiatives they thought had been resolved reappear, signaling more analysis and discussion is necessary.  As Sue shared while conducting this workshop, many times an initiative in her predecessor firm, like billing and collection, came back time and time again until the real barrier to success was identified and overcome.

Steve Vamos, Ex-CEO of Apple Asia Pacific and Microsoft, said it best: “If there is a common theme in business today, it’s that there are many, many agendas that leaders have to consider.  They have to be more innovative, more diverse, more tech-savvy, more global.  The common theme however is change.  We’re all under pressure and we’re looking to benefit from that change.”

This interactive workshop provided firm administrators an opportunity to practice with a real issue in their firms.  One objective of the workshop was to quickly spot where implementation problems may occur with respect to their selected issues.  Did they need to work on readiness or capabilities or beliefs?  The firm administrators learned these three (3) factors were interrelated.  Armed with this knowledge, the firm administrators were better prepared to address all the possible challenges related to boosting their probability of success.

How many firms track their win rate on the number of initiatives that are successfully implemented?  Only 30% of change projects succeed.  Imagine the savings in time, profit, growth, energy, success if you could boost that figure to 70%?  The Atlanta CPA FMA chapter knows the importance of avoiding ‘ground-hog’ years by addressing the real blockages which are driving only a 30% probability of success.  How do you rise up?